Wood Finish Powder Coating:-
The wood finish coating process is a latest technological breakthrough in metal coating. It gives a perfect wood like finish to metal surfaces. The combination is absolutely stunning the strength and durability of metal and the aesthetics of wood. The best part is that it is cheaper than original wood and is maintenance free . We are proud to be  one of the few wood finish powder coaters in  India. 
The process involves the absorption of the special pigmentation inks directly into the powder coating itself. Typically,  powder coatings are 50 to 70 microns thick and the inks will be absorbed into the full depth of the powder coating, making the decorative pattern an integral part of the powder coating.
Advantages :
Wood  finish coating are magnificent and durable and have major advantages over timber products including:

  • Wood  finish coated products will never require painting for the life of the product.
  • Wood  finish coated products will not split, twist or rot out.
  • Wood  finish coated products will not get attacked by termites, insect or birds.
  • Wood  finish coated products means huge environmental benefits of no more cutting down of forests.



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