Powder coatings provide protection & aesthetics to the substrate & offers various advantages in terms of quality, versatility & durability.The application process technology ensures fast process, uniform single coat & complete coverage coating application which is environment friendly..
Five E’s of powder coating
   Energy Savings
   Environmental Compliance
   Excellence of Finish
Advantages of Powder Coating :

(1) No Primer needed.
(2) Over spray losses are greatly reduced.
(3) Labour cost are reduced.
(4) Cleaning of wet paint booth is eliminated
(5) Powders are supplied ready for use and hence do not require thinning or mixing before  application.
(6) Reject rates are low.
(7) Plant occupies less space
(8) Cost of paint storage is reduced.
(9) No flame proof equipment needed.
(10) Powders have very high mechanical strength.
(11) Powders have got high corrosion resistance


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